Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna's Seaside Home

How would you describe your dream home? A home that overlooks the Arabian Sea and has a cosy pond in the middle of the living room, right
But that’s the reality for Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna who live in a luxurious seaside home overlooks Arabian sea and even has pond in living room, with their lovely children and their pet.

Home Tour

The ground floor of the duplex has Akshay Kumar's walk-in closet, a kitchen and a home theatre. It also has a beautiful living area with the essence of Buddhism.

It has a beautiful pond in the middle of living room, which is decorated with 13-part pendant light installation by Klove Studio. It also has a beautiful centre table from the house of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

Next to the living room is the dining area which provides perfect seating for a family meal and overlooking their orchard through a glass wall.

The first-floor roofs the bedrooms, Twinkle's home office, a pantry and a balcony. Grey is the primary colour which makes the Italian style sofa look perfect.

European and South Indian silver sculptures bright up the first floor, along with the powerful feminist paintings from artists like Rekha Rodwittiya and Shipra Bhattacharya.

Twinkle Khanna completed their balcony with a daybed so that the family could play ludo and Backgammon and overlooks layers of blue and green.

Recreating Memories

The house opens up in a beautiful lawn that overlooks the Arabian sea. Right from the entrance the powerful aura of lush green orchard can be felt. And this is the brainchild of Twinkle Khanna, from drafting to architecture, who believes in decorating her house with things that have beautiful stories.

As a remembrance to her childhood, Twinkle make sure that every house she lives in has a mango tree in it. As there was a mango tree in the living area of Ashirwad, the famous house of Rajesh Khanna.

Following the philosophy of things with stories, Twinkle has filled her home with family photographs and mementoes that were either collected by the family on their various trips or are gifts from the near and dear ones.

Akshay and Twinkle Khanna's home is blessed with colours and wonderful stories to tell. Their home has a special vibe of natural beauty, freshness and peace. And we hope they would add many more memorable stories here.
Inspired by such beautiful stories, Dezine Innovations brings you the chance to start your dream home story with us. Connect with us now and let’s start a new chapter for your home.

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Home Decor Trends of 2020

What can be the more perfect way of starting a new decade than beautifying your home? We have gone through the tons of painting ideas, kitchen ideas, furnishings, furniture, arts, décor and many more to bring to the best of the best ideas that’s going to trend in 2020.
Keep reading to know the 10 upcoming home décor trends of 2020.
1. Animal Prints: As the love for animals rising, the trend of including them in home décor is also coming into the picture. They can be included in many things ranging from furniture to textiles, utensils to wall art and any other place you can think of. Jungle style is one of the most popular right now, but you can choose which ever animal you like. For example, you can go with Zebra print rugs or leopard styled cushions. But you should be wary about using real animal parts, as it’s going out of trend because being eco friendly is the new thing.
2. Wearables Inspired Design: Menswear inspired designs are the latest upcoming design, especially for furniture designs and fabric used through out the room. For this wearable fabric can be use, like linen cushion covers, leather sofa covers, adding buttons to pillows etc. For ideas you can go through your wardrobe or fashion magazines. If your wearables inspired home décor can cope up with the latest fashion industry trends then it will take your home interior to totally another level.
3. White and Mid-Night Blue Interior: Offering endless possibilities to interior designing of your home this combination of colors is taken over the interior designing industry. Mid-night blue proving great resemblance to black, provides great contrast with white, without getting into the dark zone as black. In this you can go with white paint for the room with mid-night blue furniture or a white couch with mid-night blue cushions or Kitchen with the combination of these colors.
4. Antique Art: Adding stories to your home is always a great idea and what can be better way of doing that than adding antique art to your collection. Antique arts make a great home décor because of their retro look and stories behind them. It helps in beautify your walls in a meaning way, and provides your guest to have something to ponder over.
5. Sustainable Designing: Being eco-friendly is the new cool. Going green with the home décor is the new trend and it’s only to grow with time. Today people are more aware of the source of the items in their shopping kart, they want their home decorated with the sustainably procured items. This applies to the very aspect of decorating for example the source of wood used in dinning table, it must be locally sourced and grown sustainably or the use of eco-friendly paint etc. 6. Vintage Vibes: This is one thing which is constantly present in the list of trends from the starting of interior designing. But it’s not always necessary to look good, secret lies in the balance. There should be a balance between vintage designing and modernization in a room. If you are going for the vintage accent, you need to take care to not to make it look like a museum. You just need to add one or two vintage styled furniture to make the statement.
7. Neutrals: White may look plain and simple in itself, but when combined with shades of grey and beige, it can give a nice, warm and soothing look to your home and gives a sense of relaxation when you return to your home after work. Neutrals are catching up with the trends at a very fast pace as everyone’s life keeps on getting busier and hectic, they want their home to be a place where they can truly relax and be at comfort.
8. Biophilic Design: Biophilic designing is the process of bringing the nature inside the home. It is the adaptation of nature inspired designs incorporated with human designs which do not seem factory made. This is going to be a big interior trend in the upcoming time as these designs are great stress relievers, stylish, elegant and generally eco-friendly. Latest trends bend towards getting closer to nature through use of natural resources like wood, metal, glass etc.

2020 is going to be the year of going near to nature with eco-friendly interior designing and nature inspired designs. But what’s going to stand out is the added stories to your home with the use of antique art and vintage designing. This year lines between the fashion and interior designing is going to blur with the inclusion of wearables inspired designing and use of colors like white and mid-night blue.
If you are inspired with these home decor ideas and want them to be part of your home, we have got you covered, connect with us now.

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Home Decor Trends of 2020

Getting the right material for your home can be an overwhelming task, especially If you are going for a custom home. Because these things can not be done again and again because of the cost and hard work involved, which make it important to get it right the first time.

There are many factors to be taken care of while choosing the right material, some of which are discussed in detail below:
1. Room Measurements: First thing to do is to get the good idea of room size and what size of furniture will go with it, depending upon the purpose of the room. Then mark out the spaces where you will be setting up the furniture and space to left free for walking. There is need to be balance between the occupied and free space to ensure efficiency in the design.
2. Energy Efficiency: Natural light and fresh air play a big role in this as a good design, which allows maximum natural light to come in and good ventilation can save the cost of artificial lighting appliances and air conditioning. Often cheap material is not energy efficient and choosing the good insulation quality material for walls, windows, doors and roof can offset the cost of its material.
3. Focal Point: Your home should reflect your personality and it should be the focal point for the design. Anything which is dear to you can be used as a reference like an antique mirror, a lovely chandelier, a mink vase or even a cherished painting and rest of the design will be centred around it. This will make the home entirely yours and will evoke your touch everywhere.
4. Colour Selection: To make the place aesthetically more pleasing correct colour selection and combination plays an important role, it depicts the overall theme of the design. That’s why if your design is already centred around a focal point then colours should also be according to it. There are other factors also which needs to be kept in mind, like the size of the room if room size is small then light shades are preferable as it gives the spacious feel to the room. Or contrasting colours can be chosen to gain attention to a self of photograph.
5. Life-Style Matching: It’s important for your home design to match the practicality of your life style and choose the material accordingly. For example, if you are a stay-at-home mom with three kids then soapstone countertops can not be your first choice because of its uptight maintenance. There is no strict rule book for this but one need to find their own style to bring the space to life and to give it character. You can choose the design to be modern or classic or some fusion of it to match your needs.
6. Favourite Spot Building: Everyone has one favourite spot at their home with their name written all over it. Home designing is all about making that one spot more comfortable. You need to keep experimenting with the positioning of furniture to find the perfect sweet spot to make your space truly yours.

After working on these elements, upfront cost and your budget comes into the picture and it is one of the most important deciding factors while choosing the material available in the market. Often budget is limited so it becomes important to find the cost-effective solutions that looks exactly like the expensive options. But generally cheaper material tends to requires often replacement which offsets the cost in long run, which make it important to consider life expectancy in addition to the upfront cost of material.

Some of the inexpensive materials that can shine up your interior are:

1. Plywood: It’s a bunch of glued together sheets of wood which is unglamorous in itself. But it can make a strong design statement if used in a correct way to highlight rest of the designing like use for built-ins and shelving.
2. Cinder Blocks: Everyday cinder blocks can give a sophisticated look to a place by giving it industrial effect to walls and floor. But the trick is not to give a glossy finish to it, to make it look more authentic.
3. Acoustic Tiles: Primarily known for their sound absorbing and remitting ability, they are also kind of mod and cool looking. It can be used in panel walls for sophisticated look and should be use unpainted or visual effect.

Although there can be infinite things to consider while planning an interior design for your home but the first step is to understand your needs and expectation for your personal space. It must be comfortable where you can spend your day in leisure, your goal is to get to that en

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Interior Process

Who are interior designers? – Designers are trained to use space effectively and to enhance the quality and safety of interior areas while making them aesthetically pleasing, with this training they combine knowledge of building codes, critical and creative thinking, psychology and technology for the purpose of improving quality of life.

A group of professionals who work with design and skill ability to provide happiness and satisfaction to client. They re-create the vibe of your home or office.
Interior designing is much more than what you see on TV.
It is sometimes simple or many a times complex… It ranges from being as small as one room cabin or as large as cruise ship.
Interior design is a process divided by 6 stages-
1. Programming process & KYC
2. Schematic design
3. Design development
4. Material selection
5. Perspective
6. Contract documents
7. Construction administration

1. Programming process: It is essential to understand the customer and their individual needs before working on the project. So, in this phase we survey our client for in-depth understanding of their requirements like health & safety, privacy, eco-friendliness etc. and then we survey the work-place for measurement of floor and walls and its existing fixture and furnishing. Based on the study we come up with 2-3 plans, with different attributes and show them to client and then client finalises one of the plans he finds suitable.
2. Schematic design: This is the brainstorming process of translating the information gather in programming process into a floor-plan with our skills, problem solving psychology, colour theory and environmental design. We rearrange the spaces for the best future and current use of the space by the client. And show this floor-plan to client for any modification if he wants to make and modify them on the spot to match the client’s needs.
Once the client approves the floor-plan, we move on to the design development process.
3. Design development: After finalisation of floor plan by the client we start working on the 3-D model of the place by refining the concepts of schematic design and adding furniture and fixtures to it. Now design becomes to look clear and stars to look like something. To make place more aesthetically pleasing other elements are also been taken care of like colour palette, wall coverings & systems, flooring, ceiling & window treatments, mouldings etc. After integrating all we come up with a final design of the place in 3-D format which is easily understandable.
4. Material Selection: In this we choose the appropriate material based on their application like cadre furniture for commercial purpose and based on the overall tone of the design prepared. It is also an important cost factor for the client as the quality of material is selected according to client’s budget and needs as there are various alternatives available to choose from like there is variety of marbles, hardware, fixtures to choose from with different price tags.
5. Perspective: It the final perspective of the place with all furniture and fittings in place. Basically, it is miniature look of the place, of how it will look after completion, created with the help of computer software and shown to the client for one final approval before any work starts at the site. If clients want any changes it is done on the spot and gets verified with him, so that further work can be start as soon as possible.
6. Contract documents: In this, working documents are prepared for the contractor on the basis of previous steps. Which mentions the dimensions of the site, finalise design, furnishings, fixtures, equipment and finishes required for completing the project. But most important of these are administration of documents for bidding, review proposals with the client to ensure quality & fair pricing and client review & approval. All these things are bind into a legal contract between the client and designer.
7. Construction administration: Now that all the things are finalise, we ensure that the actual construction work conforms with the drawings and the specifications. For this work we provide client different sub-contractors for different work like for demolishing, for plumbing etc who works under our supervision and if client want to hire his own sub-contractor, we provide them assistance in doing so and supervise them to ensure synchronisation. We also ensure that the work is progressing on schedule & as planned.

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