8 Ideas to Decorate your Home for Diwali

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the major religious festivals celebrated in India. There is such a special feeling around Diwali that always reminds us of lots of good food, fireworks, special candles and lamps! Among so many preparations for Diwali, one of the major things that we all have on a checklist is decorating our homes ahead of time. But for a lot of us, doing Diwali decorations is also full of a lot of hard work and stress.

Hence, the Best interior designer in Delhi has brought you some of the most amazing tips that you can follow to prepare your home this Diwali.

Start with the entrance
The main entrance has special significance during Diwali. The entrance is always decorated as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh enter the house through your main door entrance. Hence, according to the Interior designers, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi with full heart, you can decorate the entrance with the help of torans. A toran is a door hanging which is placed over your main entrance. A toran is made of flowers and mango leaves, which is significant for keeping evil away and also pleases Lakshmi Maa, the Goddess of wealth.

Move on to rangoli.
How could you complete your Diwali decorations without rangoli? Check out the latest rangoli designs available on the Internet and simply make the one which requires less effort and gives a classy, simple look.

Rangoli is said to please Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, and you can use various colours or even flower petals in your rangoli and brighten it up with handmade diyas.

You can find countless rangoli designs on the internet, but a word of caution given by Interior designer in Gurgaon is to avoid the symbols of Swastik and Om on the floors. We always recommend drawing small footprints at the entrance of the house because it symbolises the goddess' entry into your home.

Add metallic showpieces, colours, fragrances, and flowers to your drawing room.
You can place metallic vessels, fill them with water, and add some flowers and petals, and candles to them.

Along with metallic showpieces, the easiest way to pep the interiors of your drawing room is by having flowers. People use garlands made of marigolds and simply using these garlands lightens up the mode. With the help of flowers, you can easily decorate the vacant corners of your rooms.

Don't forget the wall decorations.

According to Interior designers, you should never forget your walls and they should never look empty when it comes to Diwali decoration ideas. Wall decorations are one of the easiest ways to turn around the interior of your home, and they are also easy to execute.

You can pep up your walls by decorating them with colourful paintings and various designs. Making DIYs with the help of old CDS, newspapers, and cards can be a way to beautify the walls and add vibrancy to the overall Diwali decorations.

Illuminating your decor
Diwali is never complete without our handmade diyas. They are symbolic of the brightness of prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom. They are symbolic of the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

Hence, buying diyas is a perfect way to lighten up the mood of your home as well as ward off the darkness. Furthermore, we all know that Diwali house decoration is never complete without the traditional diyas. Take some amazing pictures with them and upload them on your favourite social media app.

Carefully decorate Pooja Room

The Pooja room is undeniably one of the most important rooms when we talk about Diwali. You have to pay special attention to the pooja room. The best interior designer in delhi always recommend decorating it according to Vastu Shastra and keeping all the important key points in mind.
Highlighting the pooja room by decorating it with diyas, lighting, and candles is one of the amazing ways to give a beautiful look to your pooja room. You can paint the walls to add freshness to your pooja room and give it a distinct design. Decorate the floor properly, giving a beautiful background to your pooja room and ending with a bit of soft furnishings.

Clean your way through.

If you have not paid attention to cleaning, then it's obvious that all your decorating tips and ideas will go to waste. Cleaning is definitely an unavoidable task that you have to do before decorating your home. There are also some shortcuts and tips that you can easily follow to clean up quickly.

How can Dezine Innovation help you?

These are some of the tips and ideas that we have jotted down to make your decoration easy. But if you are still finding your way hard decorating the interiors of your house and are unable to understand how to transform the whole interior of your home for the upcoming Diwali, then you can easily contact us, the best Interior designer in Gurgaon! As a team of professionals, we would love to help you at each step and give you the required consultation to make this Diwali decoration a hassle-free event.

We wish you a happy and safe Diwali!

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