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Proven Process for best results


This initial phase of the project includes preliminary studies of the site or property. We will find out more about you and your design ambitions for the project along with your timescales & budgets, We’ll work with you to build a detailed brief and identify your design preferences.


Concept Design is the begining of the creative process. We’ll develop architectural layouts for your property as we begin to investigate finishes, design styles and influences. We’ll create renders and early 3D models describing the volumetric aspects of the design.


Throughout the design development stage we get into the detail of the scheme. We’ll refine the internal layouts and specify key finishes and materials for the floors, walls, furniture etc. while we define the lighting concepts and M&E requirements for final sign off.


Here we transform conceptualized dream into reality by ensuring a flawless and timely execution of your homes construction and turnover.

Latest Home Interior Designs

Every home is a reflection of its owner's personality. Our homes have become a creative means of expression for our true selves. A home is a reflection of our behaviours, choices, and inner self. Therefore, it is important to have a home interior that resonates well with your personality.

Transforming your home into your dream home interior is possible with the help of an interior designer. Interior designers are responsible for making interiors functional, aesthetically appealing, safe, and making the best use of the available space.

The interior designers present at Dezine Innovation aim to make your home into a place where you and your family can take pride in it. With our best home interior designs, we provide a range of interior design styles. Some of the types of interior design styles that designers offer are- nautical, contemporary, traditional, and eclectic.

We at Dezine Innovations, believe that incredible design does not happen by chance. To create an incredible interior design, precision, experience, and effort go into making a space outstanding. All of our interior designers are passionate about their work and can save you a lot of money and time while creating an incredible space for you to live in.

In today's modern times, the role of the interior designer becomes even more prominent. The role of an interior designer these days is multifaceted. They assist in providing accurate professional advice while also applying their interior design skills to both commercial and residential properties. The interior designer must coordinate with the rest of their team, which includes architects, engineers, planners and other staff to prepare the design concept, and get products and materials, among other things.

The Designers Present at Design Innovation Help You With

Process of interior Designing

  • Advice on the interior layout of your building.
  • Proposing reconfigurations
  • Generating 2D or 3D interior design plans and projecting the visualisation to the clients.
  • Carefully selecting furniture, fixtures, and fittings for implementation
  • Creating strict project timelines and schedules to align with purchase order delivery, etc.
  • Coordinate with the team of contractors, engineers, architects, and trade specialists to provide the best to their clients.

The main goal of our interior designers is to provide an effective, accessible, functional, and aesthetic environment for your space to give you the safest and best conditions to live in.

Our interior designers are here to assess the impact of an interior design so that they can keep the safety of the space in mind. We provide interior design services to ensure that our clients make the best use of the space and maximise its function and the movement within. The Interior designer near me takes care of all the technical aspects of the space, like the airflow, heat extraction, and electrical and plumbing regulations

Our interior designing team keeps in mind the environmental impacts of their planning and designing. We strive to maintain a healthy indoor environment with respect to the ecological balance outside. We make sure to keep the air quality, ventilation, temperature, and acoustics all in mind to plan a safe indoor environment.

Dezine Innovation

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DEZINE INNOVATION is an established Company, having its office at A-298 Second Floor, Prashant Vihar, Rohini Sector-14, New Delhi - 110085.

The Company is promoted by civil engineering professionals, architects & interior designers having more than twenty eight years of experience in the construction & interior Industry.
Ours is a company engaged in diversified construction activities for institutional, commercial & industrial complexes and residential buildings catering to the private, public & govt. sector. The Company has successfully completed more than 250 projects in a span of last twenty eight years.