Magnificent Architecture of Ram Mandir: A Blend of Nagara Style and Historical Significance

Temples are places for religious patronage and the structures are built based on the principles of Vastu Shastra and Shilpa Shastra. A typical Hindu temple comprises the main building surrounded by other buildings with dome-shaped structures. Temple architecture has three main categories namely the Nagara or Northern style, Dravida or Southern style, and the Vesara […]

What Are The Primary Functions And Considerations For Designing A Home That Meets The Needs Of Its Occupants?

It’s the time you have been waiting for years to build your own home. Be careful not to become overly excited and, in your haste, neglect any of these crucial functions. Many elements of the home must meet a predetermined set of requirements to turn your dream home into a reality. Here are some of […]

Exploring Sustainable Architecture Designing for a Greener Future

At present the earth is dealing with multiple environmental challenges simultaneously. Sustainable architecture emerged as a critical approach for developing a greener and more sustainable Earth for future generations. It includes different types of design strategies for minimizing the negative impact of urbanization on the environment. These practices promote energy efficiency and the conservation of […]

How do I Design My New Home- Ultimate Guide(2023-2024)

Right from laying the stone of a new house, the lookout for the “best interior designing company” begins. Of course, it comes off as the most essential task as the further journey in home designing depends on how extensively the search for interior designing firms is done initially.   DEZINE INNOVATIONS got your back when […]