5 Christmas Home Interior Designs Hacks

5 Christmas Home Interior Designs Hacks

5 Christmas Home Interior Designs Hacks

Everyone seems quite excited as Christmas is just around the corner. Here are some innovative hacks to make this Christmas memorable. These interior decor ideas from home interior designer in Delhi will surely prepare your home for hosting friends and family this festive season.  Christmas decor usually includes the dining space and living room, typically the foyer stays out of consideration.

Adding Christmas ribbons, wrapping papers, garlands, and ornaments helps maintain a consistent decoration theme. This year show some love to this space as well. People end up doing a lot while decorating the entrance of their homes. Here the trick is to keep things minimal with tasteful elements to set the tone for a joyful mood. Using decor items like table candles, and holly for decorating the wall works just right.

  • Keep The Surroundings Simple And Elegant

Always remember to keep the area clean and neutral. It is not just about using greens and reds during Christmas. Metallic accents over neutral shades look elegant and attractive. Avoid cramping the space by using an excess of decor items. A well-planned color scheme for the holiday season helps make the room appear beautiful and cohesive. Using different color combinations for different corners of the house can result in a disjointed look. Hence it is best to pick a set of two or three colors for decorating the entire home. Also, it is best if the decoration complements the existing color scheme of the interior.

  • Adding Lights Can Give a Completely Different Appearance

During the festivities, light is critical for decorating the surroundings. Whether it is for Christmas or New Year adding some attractive lighting can enhance the overall vibes of a house. Using subtle lighting elements like candles can be great for this Christmas. These fit perfectly in every corner of the house. Similarly, chandeliers uplift the aesthetics of a place to a completely new level. Home interior designer in Delhi recommends using can holders of different shapes and sizes to further enhance the look of the interiors.  Lights not only look good they also make a space feel larger. Pairing small decor elements with lights adds a bit of sparkle in dark corners. Wrapping furniture with string lights add extra light around the Christmas tree. Besides, placing seasonal candles also enhances the festive feel in the house.

  • Traditional Decor Theme

Contemporary decorations for Christmas look good. However traditional colors are equally effective in enhancing the look of the surrounding areas. One simple hack is to use pillows, sofa covers, and carpets in red and green to create a merry ambiance. Little garlands, mistletoe, and holly also contribute towards enhancing the merry theme of the home. The use of decorative items in white and silver complements the green and red theme.

Small homes and apartments do not have sufficient floor space for an elaborate Christmas decoration. Hence it is best to use decorations that do not clutter the surroundings and furniture. Hanging paper snowflakes on the doors and windows look great during the festive season. Similarly hanging a greenery garland on the wall further adds to the holiday ambiance.

  • Boughs of Holly For The Balcony

For those hosting a small get-together, the balcony is the perfect place for the occasion. Decorating this space with loads of garlands of holly is a quick and easy decoration hack. Best interior designers in Delhi recommend adding some fairy lights to add to the magical vibes of the space.

  • Contemporary Christmas Decor

For those living in apartments decorating with bright and vibrant decor items may not go well with the existing interior theme. In such spaces, interior designers in Delhi suggest keeping this simple. Here the Christmas tree can serve as the focus with balls, stars, and fairy lights. The rest of the rooms are best left with minimal decoration using bells and Christmas garlands. When decorating a home for Christmas it is best to avoid bringing a standard Christmas tree. Smaller alternatives like a thin pencil tree or a wall hanging look great inside the house. The most notable advantage of using a smaller tree is that it saves valuable floor space. Another advantage is that it is easy on the pocket and requires fewer ornaments, ribbons, and other decor items.

  • Wrapping Up

During Christmas, almost every place starts to appear like a winter wonderland. The combination of lush green and bright red, twinkling lights, and warm candles create magic. These 5 hacks should add loads of light and energy to a home during Christmas celebrations. Not only do these create an elegant Christmas charm but also create a warm and inviting surrounding for the guests. Wait no more start converting your home into an exciting Christmas theme adobe with these simple and easy Christmas decor hacks from top interior designers in Delhi.

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