10 Ways to Design Your Home very luxurious and Spacious

10 Ways to Design Your Home very luxurious and Spacious

10 Ways to Design Your Home very luxurious and Spacious

Would you like to live in a space where you can barely move or would appreciate an airy, sunny, and spacious home? With more people shifting to work from home, the concept of comfort space changed a lot. It’s an obvious desire of homeowners to customize a space availing free movements and pleasing visuals. But not everyone has access to internationally designed home furnishings.

The idea of quality home decor is more than just installing high-end features. A home that can be elegant and feel home-like at the same time is what can be called luxurious and spacious. This needs you to maintain a perfect balance of preferences and interior style Bibles. Your home defines your choices and influences your aura.

If you are seeking an interior designer in Delhi to give your house a touch of luxury, Dezine Innovation is the solution to all your interior designing curiosities.

So, for budget decorating your DIY dream house, to steal praises on non-expensive designs, here is a brief remedy for you.

Let’s brush off the notion that luxurious interior designing is all about expensive showpieces. It is more about that sense of style and pattern it reflects. Here are the ten holy grail rules of home interior designing to achieve a sense of luxury and ample space within a limited area. But the below-mentioned ways can do much better when you have some professional by your side so you don’t overdo things. Dezine Innovation is the best interior designer in Gurgaon who can be a trusted choice for renovations and architectural works if you want to provide affordable finishing’s to your home sweet home.

Archaeological Designs to Provide the Luxurious Look

Try going with some classic era styles ditching contemporary for a change. You can add some archive-style curtains and other accessories to add that feel. You can go with some oil-painted luxury artwork to elevate the look. Or, it won’t be a bad idea to add mural art on a single wall in the living space. Having a feature wall is a pretty sophisticated idea in itself. It can become the focal point of your overall interior.

Decluttered is Equivalent to Classy

A decluttered house gives a bright aesthetic look to the existing features adding more value to the detailing. It is one of the easiest yet effective remedies to give your house a luxurious makeover. For creating more space in a limited area try to take into use some multi-storage or application accessories for your home.  A space with a lesser number of ornamental or useful objects gives you and the space a sense of relaxation and comfort. It also let the furniture breathe.

Experiment with Patterns

One sample way to add life to your otherwise boring space is by adding various wall designs and patterns to it. Now, it’s not that difficult due to the accessible wallpapers available in a multitude of colors and designs nowadays.

Switch to Smart Homes

A fully-functional techy house is nothing short of a blessing. They not only ease the home chores but also give homes a touch of modernity. For that, you can consider going with some advanced appliances with in-built voice command modes.

Roof Lights are the New Normal

When it comes to lighting in homes, more is less. It is a common need in housing styling and an easy way to pursue more lighting in your houses. Roof lights can be of different styles just as any other home styling appliance. Make sure to add one that compliments your space best. Apart from the roof light do some creativity with all the lighting in the house to make it the center of the spotlight. For this, a galaxy lamp could be a preferred option.

A Glimpse of Neon to Turn Good into Great

If you have followed the above-mentioned points, it’s half battle won. To add an x-factor to your living place try playing with neon colors. The funky aspect it can give off is the reason for its ever-increasing demands for home styling. To keep things subtle and yet add a trendy touch, going with one wall in neon could be the solution.

Incorporate Plants Across Your Abode


Go for having some plants even if you’re not a green thumb for the sake of the health benefits they provide. Let me list some additional benefits to convince you further. Having plants in your house can give it a natural cooling effect. They can add vibrancy to the space and they are undoubtedly the best way to make your simple space go exotic. Be aware of whether the plant you have is a houseplant or not. Make sure you or your pets aren’t allergic to their pollen or smell.

Maintain Monochrome In Colors

While selecting the color pallet you can go with shades of some underrated colors to attract attention. The color you opt for sure influences the mood of the house, so select wisely. Following a single color scheme can give your home a clean look. To elevate the style it’s always good to have professionals by your side. The best interior designer in Delhi; Dezine Innovation have experience of working on more than 500 projects to date.

Let Detailing Speak

How about adding a subtle detail? Wouldn’t it be cheery on the top? Small details in wall work or ceiling such as crown molding can give a sense of luxury. Have frill curtains or a subtle yet expensive piece of art. If you’ll go with a limited number of pieces it will automatically allow you to spend accordingly on those two-three pieces.

Accessory and Artwork

Go with adding pieces of furniture and artwork that can potentially compliment your color theme. Look for sales in terms of buying luxurious artwork for your abode. It is a basic rule that you’ll find every other hotel following. To achieve a sense of symmetry in the overall look go for monochrome in layering furniture as well. Choose items that give a theme in synergy with one plush, one glamorous, and one neutral object.


The wonder these hacks can do to your house is beyond imagination. To captivate more eyes on it, go with giving a tinge of your persona in your home. A home following all the rules would still not give a homely vibe until it carries your personality, character, and style. Home is for permanence so why take a risk? Seek help from skilled people who carry a good record of testimonials and experience in the industry. Dezine Innovation is the most reliable interior designer in Gurgaon who can take the load off your shoulders. They can guide you with everything including designing, ideating and conceptualizing, building installation, planning, decoration services, etc. for commercial as well as residential spaces.

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