How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winters – Home Interior Ideas for Winters

How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winters – Home Interior Ideas for Winters

How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winters – Home Interior Ideas for Winters

Winters are here, and with chill setting in, keeping your home warm is a top priority. While cranking up the heater is easy, it can lead to high electricity bills. As Home interior designer in Delhi, we bring you some effective yet budget-friendly interior ideas to insulate your home and stay cosy this season without spending too much.

Insulate Windows and Doors

One of the biggest areas where heat escapes is through windows and doors. Use plastic film, bubble wrap or thermal curtains to insulate windows. Apply weatherstripping to seal gaps around doors. You can also install storm windows or invest in more energy-efficient windows for long-term benefits. Interior designers in Delhi recommend sealing windows and doors properly to prevent drafts.

Make Use of Interior Spaces Effectively

Proper placement of furniture can help retain heat. Don’t block radiators, heat vents or fireplaces with large furniture pieces. Leave space around them for warm air to circulate. Open interior doors to allow heat flow between rooms but close doors of unused rooms. You can also install thermal linings on interior doors.

Use Rugs and Carpets

Carpets and rugs are excellent for retaining warmth. They act as insulators for flooring surfaces like hardwood, tiles or laminate. Make sure to use rugs in high-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. You can opt for cosy bath mats or fitted carpet tiles for bathroom floors.

Add Window Films or Insulated Curtains

If you can’t install storm windows, insulating window films are a cheaper solution to retain heat. Thermal-lined blackout curtains further boost insulation. Home interior designers in Delhi suggest using heavier fabrics like velvet, satin or lined curtains for bedrooms. Hang curtains close to window sills and corners to block drafts.

Try Radiator Foil, Reflectors or Thermometers

Place radiator foil behind radiators on exterior walls to reflect heat into the room. You can also use radiator reflectors or thermometers to maximise heat output. Make sure to keep radiators dust-free by regular cleaning for better warmth distribution.

Use Space Heaters Strategically

Portable space heaters are a cost-effective option recommended by interior designers in Delhi to target specific spots. Place them in living areas, home offices or bedrooms as needed. Be mindful of safety by not leaving them unattended. You can also invest in a smart thermostat for zoned heating control.

Make Your Home Cosier with Pillows and Blankets

Create a warm, welcoming ambience with plush throws, comfy pillows, soft blankets and layered rugs. Scatter them around living areas, on couches and beds. Stock up on cozy accessories in neutral earth tones like creams, browns and greys. Fairy lights, scented candles and houseplants add to the comfort.

Try Hacks Like Baking, Boiling Water and Home Remedies

Baking or simply having the oven open after cooking utilises residual heat to warm kitchens. Similarly, boil water on the stove to disperse warmth. You can also try home remedies like placing pots of warm water, heated bricks or water bottles near windows and vents.

Seal Air Leaks and Draughty Spots

Check for and seal any air leaks around electrical wiring, plumbing, vents or exhaust fans using caulk or weatherstripping. Draughty spots could be letting in cold air. Proper sealing helps retain warm air indoors.

Use Houseplants as Natural Insulators

Plants not only add life to your interiors but also act as insulators. Place potted plants near windows to act as a barrier against cold drafts. The leaves help trap warmth near windows. Snake plants, English ivy and peace lilies are some of the best plants for insulation.

Close Off Unused Rooms

If rooms in your home are not in use during winter, close radiator valves, seal air vents and close interior doors to block off circulation to those rooms. This helps focus the heating on occupied areas of the home for better airflow and warmth retention.

Hire Professional Interior Designers

For a comprehensive makeover, hire experienced home home interior designers in Delhi. They assess your property, identify energy leaks and recommend customised solutions like additional insulation, innovative ventilation, zone heating, etc. Designers integrate these features aesthetically without compromising on style. Their expertise ensures maximum heat retention with minimum operating costs.


Winters can be enjoyable when your abode feels cosy and insulated. You can stay warm without burning a hole in your pocket by implementing practical yet stylish interior ideas. Working with reputed Home interior designers in Delhi results in an optimised, cost-effective and designer interior perfect for the season.

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