This 2023 Welcome Navratri with these Home and Office Designs

This 2023 Welcome Navratri with these Home and Office Designs

This 2023 Welcome Navratri with these Home and Office Designs

People across India celebrate Chaitra Navaratri with great fervor; it is one of the biggest and most auspicious celebrations. The celebrations take place over nine days worshipping Goddess Durga. Besides the rituals and prayers decorating homes is also a significant aspect of this festival. It brings good fortune and positivity to households.

If you plan to celebrate these nine days with enthusiasm and gusto check these innovative ideas from professional Home interior designers for decorating your home or office. Here you will find everything from rangolis, simple decorations, and fairy lights to elaborate setups. Read on till the very end to find out some vibrant colors and positivity to your home.


Flower decorations

The idea of decorating a home with flowers never goes out of fashion. It has been one best ways of decorating a house during Navaratri for decades. Flowers greatly enhance the indoor ambiance with their natural botanical fragrance. Mogra, lilies, and marigolds are some of the popular choices to give a space a festive makeover.

Marigold garlands look beautiful have an enchanting smell and stay fresh for 3-4 days. So you will not require frequent replacements during the nine-day celebration. Some people add strings containing mango leaves as they are auspicious and stay fresh for a long. These flower decoration ideas by commercial interior designers will surely make your home look beautiful and bring in positivity.



The joy and happiness of a festival doubles up when you have a beautiful rangoli outside the house. You can choose to create rangoli with a Navaratri theme using vibrant colors. Consider taking references from expert Home interior designers to make some innovative rangoli designs with a traditional touch. You can be more creative with your design by adding diyas, candles, flowers, etc.


Walls with vibrant colors

Chaitra Navaratri marks the time of festivity to brighten up your home and office. Over the nine days, you welcome the 9 avatars of goddess Durga. So cleaning and decorating the house is an important part of the puja preparations. If you do not want to spend much consider using linens in warm colors, drapes, metallic decorative items, etc. These little elements will make your home more aesthetic and attractive. You can also paint your walls with vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red to add to the celebratory vibes of the occasion. According to office interior designer the inclusion of creative art pieces and paintings further enhances the beauty of your space.



Diyas in Indian households especially during the pujas are a must-have. You can easily spruce up the decoration of your home mandir with terracotta diyas. Place them both inside and outside the puja room. Adding diyas on the verandas, walls, floors, and balconies enhances the spiritual feel of your home. Commercial interior designers suggest painting the diyas in bright colors if you wish to add a personalized touch. Diyas are simply the best to energize the atmosphere.


Navaratri decoration with Golu

One of the prominent traditions of the Navaratri celebration is Golu decoration. The nine-day celebration of worshipping goddess Durga involves creating nine steps with little figurines and idols. It represents the simple life of the common people. In Tamil Nadu people call it Bommai Goli.

The rituals of Navaratri vary from state to state however everyone follows an elaborate decoration at their home. The use of fresh flowers, fruits, and diyas is quite common. In some households, Navaratri decorations include placing a copper Kalash in the center with coconut and mango leaves on top.


Light is an integral part of every celebration and Navaratri is no exception.  The puja room is the most sacred corner of a Hindu house. You can decorate the puja room beautifully using lights of various shapes and sizes.  Use a soft string light or an elaborate lampshade to illuminate the home mandir. This creates a welcoming vibe and sets the tone for worshiping the goddess of strength.


Earthen pots

For Navaratri Puja, you are likely to get earthen pots of various shapes, designs, and sizes. Without a traditional pot, the puja remains incomplete. In Indian households, there is a tradition of placing an earthenware bowl filled with water and aromatic flowers at the entrance. This ritual during Navaratri helps keep negative energy away. Besides, the gorgeous decoration ideas from commercial interior designers uplift the overall ambiance of the house. These decorations attract good health, wealth, and prosperity.


Paper lanterns

home interior designs

Paper lanterns are an excellent decoration idea that looks colorful and eco-friendly at the same time. You can make various lanterns and garlands using color and glitter paper. These DIY ideas from a office interior designer can truly make your home stand out during Navaratri.


Final words

There is no shortage of design and decoration ideas for decorating your home during Navaratri. Fresh flowers, earthen pots, lights, diyas, garlands, rangolis, and the list continues. Look around for innovative ideas using the above decorative items to add to the essence of festivity this Navaratri. Remember to clean and maintain the decoration during the nine-day-long celebrations to keep your home bright and charming. If you plan to add a professional touch to your Navaratri home décor get in touch with Home interior designers. They can make your home dazzle by incorporating the best decorative ideas this festive season.

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